We have been working in the Social Media Marketing arena since 2008, in addition to being aligned in Business Marketing and Consulting for over 20 years.


We pride ourselves on spending countless hours of online promoting, advertising local businesses, writing reviews, publishing, blogging & distributing articles, as well as raving about great products and services. 


Social Media Fired Up launched with a focus on providing unwavering assistance to B2B in the Social Media space, thus giving you the "Business owner" time to focus on what you do best - YOUR business.





At Social Media Fired Up we’re passionate about helping you promote your business through Social Media Platforms such as ....Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest , Google Plus, YourTube, Instagram, Linkedin, and many More!!


We assists you to review results, reassess social trends, and refresh your strategy by Social Branding & Social Media Strategy.  Our main goal is to help you understand your industry and re-position your brand for success so you can finish the year Strong.


  • Establish a social presence through top social media channels and networks


  • Actively engage with users to foster new relationships that compel them to purchase, and move them to recommend your site to others


  • Craft valuable content to meet your needs and expectations with an effective social media pricing plan








  • ​Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Linkedin

  • Google+

  • Pinterest

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • Vine

  • Meerkat

  • Periscope

  • Podcasting

  • Blogging 

  • Visual Content

Social Media gives your customers an interactive, dynamic, rewarding and friendly experience with your business.


Social Media Marketing allows you to instantly  reach out to your current client base and potential new clients at the same time & they can instantly reach out to you, too!! 


How can you incorporate social media into your business?



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